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Tar Surfacing: The Perfect Solution for Your Hard Surfaces

The Benefits and Advantages of Tar Resurfacing for Hard Surfaces

Tar Surfacing your parking allot, driveway, or road is a great way to improve its appearance, protect it, and increase its lifespan. Choosing the right paving solution is essential, which is why we at Lead4u recommend tar as the ideal solution over concrete and asphalt. 

What is Tar?  

Tar is a sticky, black molten liquid from thick oil found underground or produced through chemical procedures. It is used in construction for tarmacking driveways, roads, and other surfaces and is a cost-effective alternative to concrete. 

Benefits of Choosing Tar 

  • Easy to repair 

  • Smooth and frictionless driving surface 

  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions 

  • Cheaper compared to cement 

  • Maintains its dark colour and appearance for longer 

The Differences between Bitumen and Tar 

Bitumen and tar are often confused, but they are different. Bitumen is a natural substance composed of aromatic hydrocarbons, found in liquid and solid forms, and used in asphalt driveways and other hard surfaces. On the other hand, tar is an artificial substance made from petroleum through distillation and is used for tarmacking hard surfaces. 

The Difference between Tar and Asphalt 

Tar is a thick liquid made from natural substances distilled together and is used for sealing roofs, driveways, and roads, waterproofing, and adding substances. Asphalt is a finished product made from a mixture of substances, including pebbles, small stones, and fillers, and is mixed with Bitumen to give it a dark colour. Asphalt is used to pave parking lots and roads but cannot be used for waterproofing. 

Why Tar is the Perfect Road-Surfacing Material  

Tar is an excellent alternative for road surfacing as it seals roadways effectively by seeping into small crevices and drying quickly. It is versatile, can be applied to almost any hard surface, and is more cost effective than concrete, Bitumen, asphalt, and other road surfacing materials. 

Places to Use Tar surfacing 

Tar surfacing is ideal for hard surfaces such as parking lots, driveways, and potholes. This service can significantly improve the appearance and lifespan of your property. 

Lead4u: Connecting You with Tar Resurfacing Contractors  

Lead4u is a lead-generation company that connects tar resurfacing contractors in South Africa with potential customers in surrounding areas. We provide consumers with multiple contractors, helping them find the best contractor for their needs. We aim to make finding a tar resurfacing contractor easy and stress-free. 

Cost of Tar Resurfacing Services  

The tar surfacing services in South Africa range from R70 to R150 per square meter. The average price is determined by the length of time it will take, the surface area of the project, and other contributing factors. Hiring a professional civil construction organization is recommended for the preparation and proper tarring of the surface. 


Choosing a tar surfacing service is a fantastic way to seal any hard surface affordably. Lead4u helps you connect with the best tar resurfacing contractors in South Africa, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Contact us today for more information about our services.