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Carport installation across South Africa, Joburg Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban

A carport is a great alternative to a garage to protect your car.

A carport costs a fraction of what it would cost to install a garage and effectively does the same thing to protect your car. As well as installing carports we also install awnings and pergolas. If you plan to get a carport installed anywhere in South Africa no matter where it is, Joburg Pretoria, Cape Town, or Durban and want to get multiple quotes in minutes, you have come to the right place. 

We work with the best contractors across South Africa.

These contractors are in your vicinity, and we operate with multiple contractors and get you quotes so you can choose the best contractor that fits your requirements. For each job we attempt to get you four quotes so you can compare price availability and quality of service to make the best decision for you. 

We work with carport service providers dedicated to giving you the best services at the most affordable price. The contractors we work with are trained and experienced in installing all carport types, be it residential or commercial. We connect you with most cost-effective and durable carports contractors near you. Our quotes are from experts that are honest, dedicated, and dependable. 

Carport material and custom, single and double sizes Carports 

We provide a variety of carport materials for our customers to choose from, depending on our customer's budgets and what they need. Some of the materials we have are, aluminum, wood, fabric shade cloth, and aluminum.  

No matter the size of the Carport we have you covered we provide single carports as well as double carports. All the way up to a custom designed and sized the carport that suits your needs and budget. 

The types of carports we install

Our company has carports that can be fixed to an existing home, garage, or building since all the carports are freestanding. Some carports we install include patios, parking lots, and enclosed carports. 

  1. A carport installed in your driveway or home 

  1. Commercial scale carports for parking lots business premises and much more 

  1. Shade clothes and awnings to cover the backyard and provide shade for you and your family. 

Carport plans 

Do carports require plans in South Africa, Joburg Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban?

In most cases, carports are considered minor construction and therefore don't require plans. Reach out and get it quotes and will provide all the necessary information on whether you need plans for this specific project based on the description you provide us. Carports under 40 meters squared generally don't require any planning and this is the case for most carports that are installed. 

Just like in any building, it is a good idea to plan carport installation even though plans are not required. So, before you build a carport, it is recommended plan the job. So, if you need a carport, simply reach us and discuss the details with us and we will get you multiple quotes. 

Why choose our carport services 

With our carport service, we work with multiple companies and therefore provide you multiple quotes with one call or one form submit you will receive four quotes from the carport service installer and therefore make a much more informed decision based on price date of completion and availability. This also guarantees that you don't get ripped off as the prices have to be competitive or you won't consider that contractor. 

  1. Extensive range of quality materials 

Choosing us means choosing a service provider with an extensive range of materials to choose from. Besides, the products we manufacture and erect, including shade net and metals, are high quality.  

  1. Quality products from quality suppliers 

It is our goal to offer quality products and services. Customer satisfaction is our core driver. We strive to source products from quality suppliers to ensure the durability of the carports we erect. To boost our brand, we carefully select quality and reputable suppliers.  

  1. We feature aesthetically appealing designs 

Your home aesthetics is your signature. Since the carport is part of your home, we ensure that the structure we install is aesthetically appealing to enhance your home decor. However, our designs are flexible in that we can twist them to fit every client's needs.  

What we deal with 

Steel carports 

We use premium metal carports which are the most durable material and give ultimate protection to your cars. Such carports need less maintenance and high quality.  


If you are on a tight budget but need a car structure, then the shadeports could be an ideal option. Our company offers a wide range of colors, economical designs, and high levels of protection for your car from sun rays. We also specialize in custom designs that match your house facade. 


Do you need carport installation services for your home or commercial property? We are here at your service. We mainly focus on the manufacture and installation of carports used for protecting your car from sunlight. Reach us today for a free quote.